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Change can be painful but very productive. No matter what state your life is in now, or how well your business is doing, it always possible to do better and to accomplish more. There is always room for improvement. A room for change. To do this, you need to think strategically and more importantly, you need to be flexible. Flexibility means being open to the need for change and the possibility of doing new and different things.

And according to Brian Tracy, there are only four ways to change your life and business for the better:

1. Do more of certain things:

What should you be doing more of? The obvious answer is that you should be doing the things that work best for you today. You should be putting more resources in areas that present the greatest opportunities for profit and growth both today and in the future.

2. Do less of other things:

What should you be doing less of? Clearly, you should do less of those things that no longer work for you or which do not work as well as they used to in the past.

3. Start doing something completely new and different:

This requires that you move out of your comfort zone and into your discomfort zone. Though this can be hard for most people, it is important to remain open to the possibility of doing something completely different in the future. Les Brown Says “If you can not take risk you can not grow and if you can not grow you can not be happy and if you can not be happy then what else is there?”

4. Stop doing certain things altogether:

This brings us to zero-based thinking. In zero-based thinking, you must ask yourself this question: Is there anything I’m doing today that, knowing what I now know, I would not get into today if I had to do it all over again? Your willingness to ask and honestly answer this question is the key to remaining flexible and quick on your feet in times of turbulence.

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This type of thinking is also called KWINK analysis, i.e. “Knowing What I Now Know” and it can give you a very unique perspective on your life and the consequences of your actions. There are always areas in your life or business that, knowing what you now know, you would not get into today if you had to do it all over again.


How do you know you have a zero-based thinking situation in your life? The answer is stress. Whenever you experience ongoing chronic stress about any situation in your life, ask yourself; “If I was not in this situation knowing what I now know, would I get into it again today?” This is a great question. Now ask yourself this; what percentage of the time do you think you will turn out to be wrong? The answer, according to the American Management Association, is about 70%.

Over the course of time 70% of your decisions will turn out to be wrong. It is amazing how many people will stay in a bad situation or continue with a bad course of action because of their unwillingness to admit that they made a mistake or that they were wrong in the past. But remember that when you first made the decision, it was probably a good decision based on the situation at that time. But now the situation has changed and you have to evaluate it based on the current reality.

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