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Strategic selling is a necessary skill to be developed virtually by all us, no matter our fields or professions whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur. Whether being a lawyer, an accountant, a musician, a diplomat, a government official, a pastor or a salesperson. Because we are all involved in sales in one way or the other, and with the increased competitions across the world, one must develop and sharpen his or her strategic selling skills. Without sales there are transactions and without transactions there are no revenues and without revenues no organization would have existed today.

Personally, I have been into sells myself for about 10 years. I have worked with two Pan-African Commercial Banks, four Direct Sells Global Companies with tremendous results. What I am sharing with you is part of that experience and knowledge I acquired on the process. And I want to share with you four keys to strategic selling that you must master if you want to join the top 10 percent of money earners in your field.

The 4 keys to strategic selling are specialization, differentiation, segmentation and concentration.

1. Specialize.

Do not be “jack of all treads and must of non” but specialize. With specialization, you determine exactly what it is that your product is designed to do for your customer. You may specialize in a particular results or benefit. You can specialize in a particular customer or market. You can specialize in a particular geographic area. You can specialize in satisfying a particular need better than anyone else. But you must be specialist rather than generalist.
Many sales people have built their entire carriers by specializing in a particular industry, a specific type of customer or a distinct geographic area. How could this apply to you?

2. Set yourself Apart-Differentiate.

In differentiation, you determine what it is that makes your product or service superior to your competitor. What special benefits does your product or service offer to your customers that are not available anywhere else? In what areas is your product better than 90 percent of similar good or services on market?
In many cases, if the product you are selling is available elsewhere, such as with food supplements or financial products, the special differentiator that you bring to sales situation is your own unique personality. There is only one person like you in the whole world. Most sales are made on the basis of the feeling that the customer has about the salesperson, more than any other factor. And Daren Hardy says, “The number one product you are selling is ‘YOU’…you are in the business of selling you”. That means, you need to evaluated and improve your ATTITUDE.

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3. Sort out Your Market – By Segmentation.

The third part of strategic selling is segmentation. Once you have determine your area of specialization, and what it is that differentiate your product from your competitors, your next goal is to determine exactly which customers can most benefit from what you do better than anyone else. Who are they? Where can you find more of this ideal type of person or organization for your product? Think of running an ad for Perfect customers, how would you describe them?

4. Focus and Concentrate.

This is perhaps the most critical skill that you can develop for success in any area, especially strategic selling. It is your ability to set clear priorities and then to concentrate single-mindedly on only those prospects who represent the very best potential as customers. In some cases, one prospect may be worth one hundred times the value of another prospect. The basic 80/20 rule in strategic selling is to “always fish for whales not minnows” Remember, if you catch a thousand minnows, all you have is a bucketful of minnows. But if you catch one whale, it can sink your entire ship.

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