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Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the social networking giant Facebook, is a famous American computer programmer and internet entrepreneur. The year 2016 Mark Zuckerberg, broke the Forbes list’s top ten, moving up from number 16 to number 6 on the list. He is worth $44.6 billion.. He is one of the world’s most prominent pioneers of social networking.

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The following are Mark Zuckerberg top 10 rules for success:

1) You get what you spend your time doing.

Basically you get what you spend your time doing so your success will depend largely on the effort you put in your work. If you spend a third of your time trying to make the people around you better by mentoring them and giving the best people in your organization more impact roles, your organization’s performance will improve significantly.

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2) Get feedback

Getting feedback is crucial because without it you will never know what is on people’s minds or how they feel about a particular idea. Mark Zuckerberg believes in openness and communication and every week, he organizes a question and answer session for his staff where he allows them to ask him any question they want. He has essentially created an environment of honesty and transparency where employees can freely air their views.

3) Make mistakes.

Many things can go wrong when a person starts a company and people usually ask what mistakes should be avoided. Don’t bother to avoid them; mistakes are part and parcel of the journey and the most important thing is that you learn quickly from your mistakes and not give up.

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4) Only hire people who you would work for.

It’s important to make sure that you hire people who you would work for because this will make recruitment much smoother and more efficient. It is one of the best ways to find people who are easier to work with.

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5) Make a change in the world.

The best entrepreneurs don’t really start companies because it is their goal to start companies; rather they start companies because they want to make a change in the world and to help people. This is a very altruistic goal and such companies always have a wonderful impact on the community.

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6) Learn from the people around you.

Most smart people enjoy learning and they usually include in their teams people that they want to learn from. Also when they build their teams they make sure that they create a dynamic where the team makes better decisions as a group than any individual would.

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7) Build a really good team.

The most important thing for an entrepreneur who is trying to start a business is to build a good team. Mark Zuckerberg spends a lot of time with his core team and he also dedicates a large percentage of his time to the recruitment of the right people for his team.

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8) Give the very best experience.

I every decision that you make, your first priority should be to give your customers the best possible experience. Mark Zuckerberg always made every decision with the intention to give Facebook users the best experience and to make Facebook as user-friendly as possible.

9) Care the most about it.

When you start a particular business you might find that someone else has more resources than you and hence the ability to do better in the same business. This is the problem Mark Zuckerberg faced when he started Facebook. In the end, he succeeded because he cared more about the business than anyone else while large companies were reluctant to invest in its uncertain model.

10) Social bonds are critical.

Social bonds are essential and no entrepreneur can succeed without them. Mark Zuckerberg co-founded Facebook with his friends from college and he once admitted in an interview that he owes much of his success to them. Clearly, his strong social bonds made him a better and more successful businessman.

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Success leave clues, so if you want to successful it is advised that you look for successful people and do what they did, the chances are, you will also be successful. I believe these rules have help you to have a better perspective on success. Please let me know how you think about them. Leave the comments below.

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