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Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, consistently ranks in the Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest people, in this year, topped the list for 17th time in 22 years and he is one of the most renowned entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution. He is also the 2nd most generous philanthropist in America, having given over 28 billion dollars to charity.

The following are Bill Gates’ top ten rules for success:
1. Have Energy.

Starting a business takes a lot of energy so it’s very important to overcome your fear of risk. There will be many challenges at first but if you meet them head on you will become very successful.

2. Have a Bad Influence.

For Bill Gates, having a bad influence means inspiring people to drop out of school and pursue entrepreneurship like he did (he dropped out of Harvard and founded Microsoft). He believed he could learn more from experience than he would have learned from Harvard lectures. Now he is more successful than people with Harvard degrees.

3. Work hard.

Despite being a billionaire, Bill Gates works very hard. He is always in meetings and he constantly sends and receives a lot of emails. He only takes a two-week vacation each year and he spends that time thinking about the future; he calls it his “Think Week”.

4. Create the future.

Bill Gates has always been an innovator. The revolutionary applications created by his company, Microsoft, including Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, were embraced by so many companies that they eventually became the future of personal computing.

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5. Enjoy what you do.

It’s very important to enjoy what you do every day. Bill Gates enjoys working with smart people and working on new problems. Whenever he has some success he is careful not to dwell on it too much because the bar is always raised higher.

6. Play Bridge.

Bill Gates believes that Bridge is a very good game for the youth and anyone who is good at Bridge, will also be good at a lot of things.

7. Ask for advice.

A small number of people that you can turn to on certain key things are a great asset. It’s very important to ask friends and family for advice. Bill Gates always relies on his wife; Melinda’s advice where he knows his judgment is not the strongest.

8. Pick good people.

It’s very important to pick good people you can totally trust, who are totally committed and who share your vision. You can always run your ideas by them and they can offer you their insight, which may also differ slightly from your views. Picking the right people is therefore crucial.

9. Don’t procrastinate.

Procrastination or doing things at the last minute is a very bad habit. Bill Gates used to have this habit when he was still at Harvard. Later when he went into business, he realized what an awful habit it was and he changed.

10. Have a sense of humor.

It’s always important to have a sense of humor. You can’t always be uptight and stressed. Sometimes you need to relax and unwind. Bill Gates enjoys good music like Haddaway’s ‘What is Love’ and he even poured a bucket of cold water on himself once just to raise awareness for a disease!

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