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Change is inevitable though we live our lives trying to avoid it, or we might even wish for it, however, when it comes we hate it. It is the reason why, as Les Brown puts it, “some people prefers know hell rather than strange heavens” But as long as change is inevitable you better develop your ability to respond better when it comes, otherwise, you will be a victim.

Every nation and organization, as well as every individual, must cultivate the ability to respond effectively to it because none of us exists in a vacuum. Even the most unassuming organization or nation will be forced to confront change at some point. Being hesitant or passive in such situations may lead to the end of that organization. Kodak Company story can relate.

In both personal and corporate life, leadership is ultimately about change. It is impossible to lead without it, so change is one of leader greatest assets. The success or failure of any leader may be measured by how he or she responds to, oversees and benefits from it.

I would like to summarize ways in which leaders respond and benefit to change as given by one of my mentors, Dr. Myles Monroe.

Leaders Expect Change.

Leaders are aware that change is a principle of life. In leading others, they know that they are going where they have never been before and that the passage to this new land is change. Leadership is about relocating individuals, organizations, business, communities or nation to a future destination. The leader must help those who are invested in his or her vision to embrace these changes in order to move toward the desired goal.

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Leaders Initiate or Create It.

It’s Impossible to lead if staying where you currently are, maintaining what you have, assuming that someone else will initiate change, expecting someone else to tell you what to do. A true Leader provides the vision of the preferred future, initiate a change of direction. The leader leads by creating the next step towards the future. They develop process and the programs that produce the changes necessary to move toward the desired goal.

Leaders Interpret It.

It has been said that what really matters is not what happens to you but what you do about what happens to you. This is the mentality of true change agents. Leaders always seek to analyze and interpret changes in their environments from the perspective that all changes contain within opportunities that are beneficial to their purpose and cause. In essence, they always seek the good in every situation.

Leaders Guide It.

After analyzing and interpreting change for its benefits, Leader then actively seek to direct that change in their lives whether the change is created by the leaders or has been imposed on their environments for the advancement of their purpose.

Leaders Plan and Design It.

Leaders create strategies that are regulated by their vision in order to take their group or organizations to the future they aspire to A leader is a leader because he or she has already visited the future in his or her mind and has returned to the present to take others there. Leaders do not just stumble into the future; they plan their way there. Since the future demand change, leader must design the series of change that are necessary to make their ways to the preferred future.

Leader Prepare Themselves for It.

After accepting the responsibility and embracing the obligation of a given assignment, the leader makes the necessary changes in his or her spiritual life, personal life, professional life, educational life and social life and develops the skills required from the journey

Leaders are Inspired by It.

The Unique distinction of leaders is that they do not panic in an atmosphere of unexpected or expected change or chaos. Rather, These conditions provide an incentive to inspire the leader by testing his or her resolve capabilities, potential, creativity, and spiritual reserves.

Leader Grow through It.

True leader understand that every challenge is a classroom and every experience is a lesson. Therefore, they embrace the unknown or the unexpected as opportunities to learn new lessons and to expand their experience. Change initiate discomfort, which leaders use for the sake of advancing their lives.

Leader’s benefits From It.

True leader always use the unexpected, the unexpected, the unplanned, and the unanticipated events, circumstances, and situations of life to their advantage. They have learned to maximize misfortune for the advancement of their noble cause.

Leader Exist for It.

The very purpose and essence of leadership is to move from the known to the unknown in order to improve life and to create something better for others. You cannot lead to a place where you already are. Therefore leadership is created by, motivated by, sustained by, and exists for change.

Wishing a great Day!!!

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