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Donald Trump is an American entrepreneur, television personality, real estate magnate and investor. He was number 30 on the Forbes 2013 Celebrity 100 List, number 72 on Forbes 2015 Most Powerful People, number 324 Forbes 2016 Billionaire in the world and the 45th president of the United States of America.

The following are Donald Trump top 10 rules for success:

1. Don’t do it for the money.

It is important to do things because you love them and not purely for financial gain. This can sometimes lead to more money than you would have made if you were only in it for the money.

2. Never give up.

You must never give up. You may change or adapt but you must never ever give up. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that when they were faced with problems, unsuccessful people give up easily while successful people just keep going.

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3. Be into the details.

Business is all about the details. You can lose a lot of money if you don’t watch important details. Always make sure that all the key details are at your fingertips.

4. Be totally focused.

It’s very important to stay focused. You must never take your eyes off the ball. Even during difficult times when you are under a lot of pressure, as long as you stay smart and focused, you will be alright.

5. Get great employees.

Always make sure you hire great employees as opposed to good employees. Great employees are phenomenal and you will always want to keep them and cherish them. Good employees, on the other hand, are simply average; they work just hard enough to keep their jobs but they cannot develop your business further and this is why they are the worst kind of employee.

6. Work hard.

Donald Trump says he heard one of the best golf players in America, after winning the US Open once said: “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” The harder you work, the more successful you will become.

7. Follow your instincts.

Donald Trump believes that in order for someone to be successful, one has to follow his or her instincts. You have to follow your gut no matter what people say.

8. Believe in yourself.

True success means seeing yourself as victorious. You have to really believe in yourself and you have to think of yourself as a one-man band. Don’t rely too much on other people because they will let you down. You have to start thinking like a winner because if you don’t think like a winner, you will never make it.

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9. Have a messy desk.

It’s actually a good thing to have a messy desk because that means you are busy. Successful people usually have a lot going on in their offices and their desks are messy because they are covered in papers from all the deals they have made. A messy desk means you are active and busy.

10. Love what you do.

It’s important to love what you do because when you love what you do, you always work harder. Pursuing your passion is the key to success.

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