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Charisma is simply a compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. It is a divinely conferred power or talent that everyone has or can develop. It is the purpose of this article then to show how you can develop your personal charisma.

Charisma versus Success

There is a close association between personal charisma and success. Probably 85% of your success and happiness will come from your relationships and interactions with other people. People usually respond positively to a person with charisma and this is because charisma is predicated on the law of attraction. This law has been stated in many different ways throughout the ages and it basically states as follows: “You inevitably attract into your life people and circumstances that are in harmony with your dominant thoughts.”

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You are a Magnet

In essence, you are a living magnet that constantly radiates thought waves the way a radio station radiates sound waves. These thought waves, intensified by your emotions, emanate from you and they are picked up by anyone tuned in to the same wavelength. As a result you attract into your life, people, ideas, opportunities, resources, circumstances, money and anything else that is consistent with your dominant frame of mind and with your emotionalized thoughts at the moment.
Naturally if your thoughts are always negative and cynical, you will find yourself attracting negative things and causing negative reactions in people.

So how can the law of attraction help you build your charisma and become successful?

It’s very simple. Charisma is all about perception. It’s based more on what people think than on reality. For example, if you meet a celebrity you love and respect on the street and you don’t recognize him, that celebrity will have no impact on you. If you recognize him however, you will be overwhelmed and your reaction will be totally different because of the tremendous charisma created your perception of that celebrity as a rich and famous person.

It begins in Your Mind

Because charisma begins in the mind of the beholder, the best way to boost your charisma is to create a positive impact on a person’s mind through the way you behave towards them. Keep finding new ways to improve the way others perceive you. For example you can try being more friendly and helpful towards people. This positive behavior will make it easier for you to influence them favorably, to create more opportunities and to get what you want from them.

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Avoid negative thoughts and emotions because these eventually seep into your behavior like toxic waste seeping into a river and they will only attract failure and negative reactions from the people around you.

Remember, the more you listen to people and feel and treat them as though they are fascinating, the more they will find you fascinating as well.

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