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For over 10 years now I have been doing a research on human science of personal achievement.I have been fascinated by the self-made millionaires;People who build their success from a scratch, from nothing to empire. I have been so inquisitive to questions like “Why two people who have gone through the same circumstances, living in the same country or even the same family offered the same opportunities, one makes it in life while the other lose it all,?!” What makes other person successful and other one unsuccessful?”  Well, some of the answers are what I have been sharing in this blog.

But today I want us to look on the area of Personal Growth, famously known as Personal Development. Personal growth is a lifelong process for people to assess their human capital in terms of skills and qualities, consider their purposes in life and set goals in order to realize and maximize their potential. As Jim Rohn once said “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” and he added, “Always work harder on yourself than you do on your job”

You see, what you become is far more important than what you get. The important question to ask on the job is not, “What am I getting?” Instead, you should ask, “What am I becoming?” Getting and becoming are like Siamese twins: What you become directly influences what you get.

Think of it this way: Most of what you have today you have attracted by becoming the person you are today. I’ve also found that income rarely exceeds personal growth. Sometimes income takes a lucky jump, but unless you learn to handle the responsibilities that come with it, it will usually shrink back to the amount you can handle.

If someone hands you a million dollars, you’d better hurry up and become a millionaire. A very rich man once said, “If you took all the money in the world and divided it equally among everybody, it would soon be back in the same pockets it was before.” It is hard to keep that which has not been obtained through personal growth.

Have seen that, allow me to share with you the 5 Keys to enhance your personal growth as suggested by one of my mentors, Brain Tracy.

1. Determine Your Personal Growth and Development Values.

To realize your full potential for personal and professional growth and development, begin with your values as they apply to your own abilities. As you know, your values are expressed in your words and actions.
You can tell what your values are by looking at what you do and how you respond to the world around you. Your values are the root causes of your motivations and your behaviors.

2. Clarify Your Personal Growth and Development Vision.

Create a long-term vision for yourself in the area of personal growth. Project forward five or ten years and imagine that you are developed fully in every important part of your life. Idealize and see yourself as outstanding in every respect. Refuse to compromise on your personal dreams.

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3. Set Goals for Your Personal Growth and Development.

Now take your vision and crystallize it into specific goals. Here is a good way to start. Take out a piece of paper and write down ten goals that you would like to achieve in the area of personal growth and professional development in the months and years ahead. Write in the present tense, exactly as if you were already the person you intend to be.
Determine exactly what you want to be able to do. Decide who you want to become. Describe exactly what you will look like when you become truly excellent in your field and in your personal life.

4. Upgrade Your Personal Knowledge and Skills.

Set specific measures for each of your goals. If your goal is to excel in your field, determine how you will know when you have achieved it. Decide how you can measure your progress and evaluate your success.
Perhaps you can use as a measure the number of hours you study in your field each week. Perhaps you can measure the number of books you read or the number of audio programs you listen to. Perhaps you could measure your progress by the number of sales you make as the result of your growing skills.

5. Develop Winning Personal Growth and Development Habits.

Select the specific habits and behaviors you will need to practice every day to become the person you want to become. These could be the habits of clarity, planning, thoroughness, studiousness, hard work, determination, and persistence.

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Decide today to develop yourself to the point where you can achieve every financial and personal goal you ever set and become everything you are capable of becoming. Write down your goals and make sure to look at them every day, then ponder ways you possibly achieve these goals.

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