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Productivity is very essential in today’s competitive world, and being successful is often about hard work, but even more importantly it’s about smart work. Great successful people know that time is limited and valuable, so they need to make the most of each waking hour. There are many factors that contribute to working smart — but planning and proper sleep is among the top performance increasing recipes.

To maximize your productivity, here are five essential and easy things you should do before bed.

1. Write Down Your To-Do list.

As the saying goes, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” By reviewing your calendar the night before, you’ll know what’s ahead for the day so you can be prepared and plan for the best method to tackle your objectives. You’ll sleep better knowing that you’ve already planned for the day ahead and you’ll rise in the morning knowing that you’ve already taken care of the leg work to get a jump start on the day.

There’s another old saying, “If you don’t use your head, you’ll end up using your feet,” and that proverb goes a long way for productivity! Come up with a strategy the night before on how to tackle tomorrow.

2. Turn off your phone.

Sleep is a crucial if you want to be successful on your productivity. Once you’ve checked your calendar and you know what’s ahead for tomorrow, turn off your phone to ensure it doesn’t beep, chime or ring and disturb your REM cycle. Disruptions to your sleep will leave you tired and slow your performance the next day.

3. Get the gym gears ready.

Whether you go to the gym, run in the neighborhood or walk your dog, have your exercise gear out and ready to throw on for when you wake up. Getting your clean clothes together and ready is a life hack lots of successful people use to minimize the risk of skipping their workout. For me I have a tendency of putting my gym bag in my car. Taking care of your health is an important part of successful lifestyle.

4. Write in your journal.

Keeping a journal is a practice that can help you process the day and make sense of your thoughts. Jim Rohn said that journal writing is one of the greatest indications that you’re a serious student. He said:

“It is challenging to be a student of your own life, your own future, your own destiny. Don’t trust your memory. When you listen to something valuable, write it down. When you come across something important, write it down. Take the time to keep notes and to keep a journal.”

Keep your journal in the nightstand and every night take a few minutes to review the day’s triumphs and write down what you’re grateful for that day. Think of it as a nightly meditation — just two minutes of reflection thinking about the day’s highlights and writing them down will transform your waking and sleeping thought. It’s part of a wealthy lifestyle to appreciate all the great things of the day: doors held open, great conversations had. Whatever the highlight, list it and prepare your mind for great sleep.

5. Read a real book.

One last thing to contribute to your good sleep is to read a quality book. You can decide what a quality book is to you, but reading before bed is a great way to make that final transition into sleep.
It will also keep you away from bright lights and electronics (hint: don’t read on your phone or tablet, the light might disrupt your eyes and affect your sleep cycle) and soothe your body into the sleeping process.

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