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Habits are things that we do on daily basis. Habits can make or break you. Successful habits are the ones that makes us successful. I  have always asked myself “What are the habits of successful people? What is it that successful people do habitually everyday that leads to them being among the top 20% money earners in our society? Aristotle, the prominent Greek philosopher and a scientist, once said “95% of everything you do is the result of habit“. And Jack Canfield insists “Successful people simply have successful habits and unsuccessful people simply have unsuccessful habits.” So, I came to realize that; success its all about your habits; what you do on daily basis that can either make you successful or a failure. Its all about a routine.

When it comes to habit, there are two key rules to remember: the first rule is ‘to form good habits and make them your masters rather than allowing bad habits to form’. The second rule is that ‘good habits are hard to form but easy to live with while bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with’.

Brian Tracy, the popular motivational speaker and author, discovered that all habits are learned and they can also be unlearned. That means you can simply replace a bad habit with a good habit that has a more powerful positive impact on your life.

How do you develop Successful habits ?

It’s simple. By repetition! Make it a routine. Almost everything you do from the time you get up in the morning is habit. Start thinking about what would be the best habits to have every day. The following are the 6 successful habits that I recommend to you that you need to develop on daily basis.

  1. Daily goal setting and goal orientation:

You do become what you think about most of the time and you do achieve what you think about most of the time and this is why all successful and wealthy people think about their goals most of the time. Think about your goals constantly even when you’re driving or talking to other people. When you go to sleep at night think about your goals for the coming day and make a list each day of all the goals you are going to accomplish that day. One good way to plan your goals is to keep a journal and write down your goals on a regular basis.

  1. Be results oriented:

Results oriented people are always thinking about the most important things that they can do right now to achieve their most important results. Successful people make a list of everything they have to do and before they start working they set priorities on the list. A great and life changing way to become results oriented is to look at your to-do list and ask yourself that if you could only do one thing on the list before you are called out of the town for a month what activity would you want to complete? Put a circle around that activity, start working on it immediately and discipline yourself to work non-stop until you finish that one activity.

  1. Be people oriented:

You need to understand that everything you have achieved or want to achieve in life is going to be with the help, support or cooperation of people. So ask always yourself what other people want or need from you and how you can help them so that they will want to help you back. Successful salespeople, for instance, are always thinking about their customers, about who their customers are, what they want, how they can help them the most and how they can help them even more.

  1. Stay health oriented:

Your health is very important and to be health oriented you need to start by eating the right foods in the right proportions, exercising daily and getting lots of rest. Remember that to be successful in our competitive world you need a lot of energy and the best way to get this energy and to replenish it, is to take good care of yourself through a balanced diet and daily exercise.

  1. Stay honest:

This is one of the most crucial habits of successful people. To be successful, you must be trustworthy and the best way to do this is to always tell the truth no matter what. Honesty really is the best policy. It is this successful habit that will ensure the span of your success.

  1. Self-discipline:

This is the foundation successful habit that makes everything else possible. The best definition of self-discipline, according to Brian Tracy is: “Self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.” Anybody can do it when they feel like it but the trick is to do it anyway even when you don’t feel like it. If you do this you will eventually develop the self-discipline that will make everything else possible and take you closer to your goals.

Develop these successful habits and you will not have to worry about your success anymore.

Homework to develop successful habits.

Ask yourself ‘what is the one habit that you should start to develop right now that will help you more than any other habit to achieve your most important goals?’ Whatever it is, start practicing this habit every day until it becomes automatic and easy. Remember. It takes only 21 days to develop a new habit.

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