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Jim Rohn was an American Business Philosopher, Author, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker whose phenomenal work strongly influenced the personal development industry. His work includes 17 written, audio and video media and he was famous for the catch phrase, “Let’s do it!”. Jim Rohn is one of my most powerful mentors who turned around my personal development philosophy soon as I finished my university in 2007.

The following are Jim Rohn top ten rules for success:

1) Let’s do it! :

If two or three people agree on a common purpose, nothing is impossible. When you’re all alone it can get very tough but if you get someone to join you, that person can fan the flames of your passion.”Let’s do it!” is a very powerful phrase. To succeed you need to work with other people. You can’t always go it alone.

2) Ask for adventure:

Some people will never have much because they are just too cautious. Never be afraid of taking risks. Everything in life is risky. Don’t avoid risks because you want security. Take a risk and have an adventure. Jim Rohn once said, “Better to live thirty years full of adventure than a hundred years safe in the corner. See, it’s not important how long you live, what’s important is how you live.”

3) Work on yourself:

The secret to success is simple; “Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” If you work hard on your job you can make a living but if you work hard on yourself, you can make a fortune. Make yourself more valuable to the market and you will earn more and attract more opportunities.

4) Have a purpose:

A person who has purpose in their life has something to go for, something that holds a deep meaning for them. Purpose has to be something that pulls us towards the future. Purpose for the future pulls you through all kinds of challenges and difficulties. Without purpose for the future it’s easy to get swallowed by a bad year because you have nothing to pull you beyond that year.

5) You’ve got to dream:

Your better future is a dream for yourself and your family. Where do you want to go? What do want to do? Who do you want to be? What do you want to see? Never lose your dreams. You must have something to go for, something that inspires the heart and the soul. You must have dreams.

6) Never give up:

You must have resolve. What is resolve? Resolve means “I will,” two of the most powerful words in the language. Benjamin Disraeli, the former Prime Minister of Britain said,” Nothing can resist the human will that will stake its existence in its purpose.” The best definition of resolve is promising yourself that you will never give up. Don’t miss the chance to grow and resolve that you will pay the price until you learn, change and grow.

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7) Rely on yourself:

There is great power in self-reliance. Self-reliance means to rely primarily on yourself. Say to yourself, “I am the person responsible.” Even if you need other people you still need to be the person others can rely on. Learn to count on yourself and you will never complain or have to explain.

8) Learn from other people:

Your philosophy comes from what you learn, from what you know and from other people’s experiences. Pay attention. Success leaves clues and if you carefully observe the winners and the losers, you can take mental notes and adjust what you are doing based on what you see.

9) Say “Enough is enough!” :

The day you say, “Enough is enough!” is a life changing day. It is the day you finally decide that you are so sick and tired of the status quo that you need to change it completely. It is a truly crucial moment that can change your life and it takes courage to make such a firm decision.

10) Think rich:

It is poor thinking habits that keep people poor and not poor working habits. Most people work hard but they don’t think hard. The mind is like a mental factory and what a man reads pours massive ingredients into his mental factory which determine the fabric of his life. Jim Rohn once uttered this profound statement in a seminar, “Stand guard at the door of your mind.” Think rich and fill your mind with good inspirational content and you will become a better and more successful person.

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