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Most of us believe that happiness is an emotion which comes when our hearts are fully satisfied. Then we do whatever we do to satisfy the heart and end up miserable. One must understand the heart is not there to be satisfied but to boost your zeal in satisfying someone else. Here is the catch! Going forward, whatever you do, have one goal- Make someone else feel better by making them Laugh for no reason; You were created to make someone be their best.

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Become a performer. Be an actor and a singer. Act like you already know and experiencing the feeling. Don’t wait until the feeling motivates you. That could take forever. As William James, American Philosopher and Psychologist, puts it very clear “We do not sing because we are happy, we are happy because we sing”

Singing with no reasons might feel ridiculous. But if you want to be happy, sing that happy song to some one else. Sounds difficult right? But guess what? It works. Not always in the first few moments, but if you keep at it, it will eventually work, just fake in the beginning until you make it. Soon your singing will show how much control you have over your own emotions and other people surrounding you.

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Tell you what? Children do this, too. They start giggling for no reason (often at the dinner table some other forbidden setting and the giggling itself makes them laugh). The truth is this: Laughter itself can makes you laugh. The secrete of happiness is hidden inside that last sentences. Laughter itself can makes you laugh.

But adult aren’t always comfortable with this. Adult want kids to have reasons for laughing. As I used to drive my children long distance to visit relatives, I’d get most irritated when they began laughing and giggling in the back seat without reason. I developed a backstroke swing to curb the laughter “Why are you laughing’’? I would shout. “You have no reason to be laughing! This is dangerous highway and I’m trying to drive here.”

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Life is a beautiful thing when you decide to see it that way, Its actually like a mirror, You will always receive the reflection of your true self once you look at it (The mirror), Choose to practice the joy within you, practice laughter until it has no choice but to be part of you. The secret is to making someone else happy before you consider your own happiness.

The secret of a true joy lies within you and comes from you to the people surrounding you; if you want to be happy, try to change the situation around you. Now; make them laugh. No I am not trying to make you a comedian! Just laugh and see if the person next to you wont catches that laughter. Trust me; it begging with you to the person next to you.

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