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Procrastination is the habit of putting off action where it is due. It is a bad habit as it leads to delaying in your success. Procrastination is that condition of postponing something that you know in your heart should be done now instead of later. If you postpone a task in order to do something that really has greater importance and urgency, you can’t accuse yourself of procrastination. However, generally speaking, procrastination is bad and we should all try to do something about it.

Procrastination seems to be a common habit. We shouldn’t accept it as a part of human nature and let it go at that? Those who procrastinate land in one trouble or the other, Even if this diseases is widespread we don’t shrug our shoulder and ignore it. The important thing is to find out what can be done overcome it.

There are varieties of procrastination. And all variety of procrastination involves self-delusion of one kind or another. They involve denial of reality and refusal to weigh penalties and alternative objectively.

The cause of procrastination can be grouped into four Categories.

1. Attitudinal Factor.

It include such things as unwilling to tolerate discomfort or unpleasantness, fear of failure, fear of success, low self esteem, depression, boredom, shyness and feeling of guilt.

2. Cognitive Blocks.

Such as in adequate information, uncertainty about how to attack the problem and failure to appreciate the importance of timely action.

3. Environmental Factors.

These are external factors that encourage delay. They include disorganization, noise, unmanageable workloads, diversionary activities, lack of needed tool, and friend or relatives who lure one from the chosen tasks

4. Physiological Barrier.

This includes fatigue, stress and illness.

How can you Overcome Procrastination

Thinking in generalities and focus your attention on one specific task. Having selected the behavior you want to correct the next step is to analyze the problem and decide what causing the delay. Such varied causes as fatigue, lack of information, fear of failure, distraction, shyness, conflicting priorities and so on, obviously will all required different approaches. In most cases the will power alone won’t do the job.

So, try to categories your problems, and clarify what it is that has been causing you to procrastinate. And remember, no generalities, no lame excuses such as “I just have a habit of putting things off.” Deepak Chopra call this process Pigeonholing, because it is an effort to put problem into a very specific category, zero going in on the cause rather than the excuses. When you attach an accurate label problem, the solution frequently becomes self-evident.

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Get tough to yourself.

All of the things you are giving out presuppose that a person involved has enough will power but unfortunately will power is supplied shortly especially for the typical procrastinator. How can one cope with lack of will power? You have to learn to be tough with yourself

That’s easily said, but it isn’t really very helpful. A person who knows how to be tough with himself probably doesn’t lack will power, and doesn’t procrastinate. What’s the answer for the millions who don’t have whatever it takes to exercise self-discipline? By practice just as you learn to walk by walking or to juggle by juggling, you learn to exercise self-discipline by exercising self-discipline.

Use it or lose it

Natural law for will power, as for muscle –power, can be expressed in just a few words: Use it or lose it

Always remember: Keep alive in yourself the faculty of making effort by means of useful task one has been putting off, so as to get some benefits from the exercise beyond the mere training of the will; do something every other day for the sole and simple reason that it is difficult and you would prefer not to do it, so that when the cruel hour of danger strikes, you will not be unnerved or unprepared.

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