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Toxic people are those who see the world as one big problem, and unfortunately, in their eye you’re part of it. You know the type of people, No matter how well things are going, they focus on the nitpicking little negative details. And they do it constantly. It’s a habit that totally destroy relationships. And can seriously affecting the level of your success. One blast of negative energy from their lips can erase that smile on your face permanently.

Indicators that you are surrounded by toxic people.

You might ask ‘How may I know that my friends or people that surround me are toxic. Well, here are few signs that can help you to ID them. You are surrounded by toxic people if:
-You’re emotionally affected by their drama
-You dread (or fear) being around them
-You’re exhausted or you feel angry while you’re with them or after your interaction
-You feel bad or ashamed about yourself
-You’re stuck in a cycle of trying to rescue, fix or care for them.

Additional indicators includes

-The other person doesn’t respect the word “No” as a complete sentence
-When you’re with them, you feel like you’re “walking on eggshells”
-You ignore your own values
-You emotionally “check out”
-You feel like you’re being controlled, or you’re being overly controlling.

Toxic people are dangerous to Your Health.

One of the reason why I want to you to avoid toxic people in your life is because, these people are poisonous to your health. Toxic people always cause stress, worry, anxiety and even depression (i.e. emotional sickness). If that continues for so long, it may result to blood pressure and other heart related diseases. You need a long range antenna to keep them outside your boundaries at all time.

You may be thinking at this point “Easier said than done”. “Do you mean if my friend, who I have known for years, is always complaining about his job and how awful things are financially ,and nobody wants to help him out, that I should just turn and walk away when he talks like this?” No – run, and run as far as you can. This constant negativity will drain the life out of you.

Don’t Confuse.

Now please Understand, I am not talking about someone who has a genuine challenge and needs real help. I’m referring to those chronic whiners who take great pleasure in dumping all their negative garbage on your plate at every opportunity. They also inform you, with a ‘not- so- subtle cynicism’ that you can’t do this and you can’t do that, especially when you have a really great idea. They delight in bursting your positive bubble. It’s the highlights of their day. Don’t put with it anymore.

It is always Your Choice.

Here’s where the real power is; it’s always your choice. You can choose to the people you want in your life. And you can choose to pursue new opportunities. Maybe you just need to make some better choice. It’s that simple. If it means letting a few people go, well, you’ll get over it. In-fact, take a close look now at your present relationships. If someone is dragging you down all the time, make a decision. Let go and move on

Home Work.

Put the letter “N” next to each person who nourished you, and then put the letter “T” beside every person who is toxic. Then stop spending time with people with “T” next to their names, This is a one lesson you must learn-surround yourself with positive people.

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