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Unemployment or losing a job is one of the difficult situations in life that nearly all of us experience at one time or the other. No matter who we are, being unemployment can make us seem small and vulnerable, useless and insignificant. As Jim Rohn says “You can’t be happy if you do not produce” and the old phrase goes “That who do not work should neither eat

I have always being advocating the idea of “Think Beyond Employment” and I am on the process of writing a book on that area, but for today I will focus on helping those people who are pro-employment. Those who had a job and suddenly lost it and they need a help as soon as possible.

The reasons for unemployment are sometimes obvious and even fair. But sometimes the reasons are not clear or seem very unfair, such as being preempted by a machine, getting blamed for something not your fault or for personal reasons that should have nothing to do with your job. I remember, while I was working as a banker, one staff was fired from work due to fraud that happened in her department not because she was part of the whole thing but simply because as a supervisor of her section she had over looked that transaction by not playing dual diligence.
There is no doubt that finding a satisfactory career in life is a tough but satisfying challenge to meet.
During unemployment period can be a time for reassessment of yourself and your goals, perhaps an opportunity not only to start making money but to achieve in more satisfying ways.

Here are the 6 ways on how to overcome the unemployment challenge as Suggested by Deepak Chopra.

1. Follow an active program of seeking work.

Let friends acquaintances know you are looking for a job. Visit or write letters to prospective employers. List yourself with several employment agencies. Don’t be afraid of failing at an interview or on a new job. Prepare yourself as well as you can and go ahead. Feel confident. Do your best. If it doesn’t work out, don’t put yourself down. Analyze what went wrong; try to correct it, and try again. Give yourself credit for trying.

2. Do not indulge in Self-defeating Behaviors.

It is extremely important that you should plan your day. Get up at a regular time and follow the schedule you have laid out for finding work, job training, voluntary work, meal, recreation, and or self-improvement.
Don’t give in to discouragement and become passive or self-pitying. Don’t overeat, sleep all day, over drink or complain extensively. Recognize that these are self-defeating behaviors.

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3. Keep Your Morale High

Its very important you keep your morale high by doing things that make your mind and body feel good. Learn techniques of relaxing such as meditation, deep breathing or yoga. Read the Classic or biographies of people who interest and inspires you.

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4. Evaluate Yourself.

You must sort out the reasons you believe for your unemployment situation. Search yourself carefully and honestly, because you need these answers to guide you at this crossroads point.
Ask yourself honestly whether you were doing job properly and relating adequately to your supervisor and co-worker. If not, was it just a bad match between you and the situation, or was getting fired a signal that you need to examine your basic work altitude, pattern of relating and combination of skills.

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If you were working hard but not accomplishing what was expected, ask yourself whether you now see what you could have done differently on your next job? Do you need more training or Personal and career counseling? Help yourself in those ways if you need to.

5. Reassess Your Career Goals

It is good idea to reassess your career or job goals from time to time. Take stock of your interests and skills. Ask yourself what you want to offer to society, what it needs and will pay for. Ask yourself what steps are required for you to achieve that. Are you willing to get training, to serve an apprenticeship, to persist despite discouragement? How can you present yourself so convincingly to an employer that will get the job?

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6. Redirect Your Energies.

While you are not working, continue to be creative, rewarding person by putting extra effort into personal relationships and helping others. Enjoy the comfort and warmth of your family and Friendship. Help your children with home works, or play some game with them. Help your spouse with some project you have been putting off. Volunteer to work if you can. Be physically active by swimming, jogging, playing different games.


A Bonus Point.

7. Think Beyond Employment.

The world is changing so fast, and the more it changes, in terms of technology, globalization, education, etc the more challenge of unemployment rate rises. The best way to over come it, is by you to think BEYOND employment. Instead of looking for a job why don’t you create jobs by become an entrepreneur? From today onward think like an entrepreneur rather than a job seeker.

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